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Available Mankato Apartments

Currently available apartments, houses, and townhomes for rent in the greater Mankato area.
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 1 Bunting CourtMankato1 Bedroom425.0002/01/2014
 1 Jefferson Shores Family HomeCleveland5 Bedroom180003/14/2012
 115 Fuller StMankato3 Bedroom$900 + utilities08/01/2014
 1717 Woodland duplexMankato2 Bedroom$117504/01/2014
 251 ApartmentsMankato5 Bedroom$500/bedroom08/01/2015
 251 ApartmentsMankato5 Bedroom$500/bedroom08/01/2015
 261 ApartmentsMankato5 Bedroom$460/bedroom07/31/2015
 539 Nicollet Ave. HouseNorth Mankato3 Bedroom$1,500.0007/01/2015
 710 Warren Street - Main Floor DuplexMankato2 Bedroom$875 + $100 Per Person Utilities09/01/2013
 AmberField Place- Arlington SeniorArlington1 Bedroom56805/01/2014
 AmberField Place- Madelia Senior PlusMadelia1 Bedroom662 and 67805/01/2014
 AmberField Place- St JamesSt James2 Bedroom63906/01/2014
 AmberField Place-GaylordGaylord1 Bedroom50905/01/2014
 AmberField Place-LafayetteLafayette2 Bedroom65105/01/2014
 AmberField Place-WinthropWinthrop2 Bedroom64505/01/2014
 AmberField Place-Winthrop SRWinthrop1 Bedroom50404/01/2014
 AmberField Place-Winthrop SRWinthrop2 Bedroom64504/01/2014
 Ashley EstatesJackson2 Bedroom75505/01/2014
 Ashley EstatesJackson2 Bedroom76504/15/2014
 Ashley EstatesJackson3 Bedroom88005/01/2014
 Autumn Wind TownhomesEagle Lake2 Bedroom105009/01/2014
 Autumn Wind TownhomesEagle Lake3 Bedroom105009/01/2014
 Balcerzak PlaceMankato5 Bedroom$187507/31/2013
 Balcerzak PlaceMankato5 Bedroom$187508/16/2013
 BBC ApartmentsNorth Mankato3 Bedroom1360 (Reg. $1515)04/01/2014
 Briargate & Southridge ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom$88908/16/2013
 Cardinal Manor - AlexandriaAlexandria1 Bedroom - 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Cardinal Manor - AlexandriaAlexandria2 Bedroom - 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Cardinal Manor - WillmarWillmar1 Bedroom30% of Income04/01/2014
 cedar meadow apartmentsmankato3 Bedroom$ 924.0007/31/2013
 Cedar Ridge Townhomes - 111 Balcerzak DrMankato4 Bedroom$1,500 + Utilities08/01/2015
 Cedar Ridge Townhomes - 119 Balcerzak DrMankato4 Bedroom$1,460 + Utilities08/01/2015
 Cedar Ridge Townhomes - 123 Balcerzak DrMankato4 Bedroom$1,450 + Utilities08/01/2015
 Centennial ApartmentsLuverne1 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Central Square ApartmentsSt. Peter3 Bedroom882 - $94004/01/2014
 Cherry Ridge ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom64504/01/2014
 Clover Patch ApartmentsSt. Charles1 Bedroom410-$429 or 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Clover Patch ApartmentsSt. Charles2 Bedroom440-$459 or 30% of Income04/01/2014
 East Side Stories ApartmentsAlexandria2 Bedroom52505/01/2014
 East Welcome PlaceMankato5 Bedroom$2,20007/31/2013
 East Welcome PlaceMankato5 Bedroom$2,20007/31/2013
 Ell-Mar ApartmentsSt. Peter2 Bedroom62004/01/2014
 Emerald CrossingMankato3 Bedroom1275 (Reg. $1350)04/02/2014
 Emerald Oaks TownhomesMankato4 Bedroom142505/01/2014
 Fox Run TownhomesMankatoEnd Unit (Model A) - 3BR152506/15/2014
 Fox Run TownhomesMankatoMiddle Unit (Model B)149506/01/2014
 Garden Terrace ApartmentsNew Ulm1 Bedroom73404/01/2014
 Glenwood ApartmentsGlenwoodEfficiency Apartment40004/01/2014
 Glenwood Terrace ApartmentsMankato1 Bedroom$630.0008/08/2013
 Glenwood Terrace ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom$780.0008/08/2013
 Harmony ManorHarmony1 Bedroom - 30% of income04/01/2014
 Hayfield Greens ApartmentsHayfield1 Bedroom44004/01/2014
 Hayfield Greens ApartmentsHayfield2 Bedroom48004/01/2014
 Hilltop Lane ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom65005/15/2014
 Hilltop North & South ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom62005/01/2014
 Homestead ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom538-$59205/01/2014
 Huntington HillsMankato1 Bedroom$ 650.0007/31/2012
 Huntington HillsMankato2 Bedroom$ 385.00 per room05/31/2012
 Huntington HillsMankato5 Bedroom$395.00 per room07/31/2012
 Indigo Crossing TownhomesMankato2 Bedroom w/Loft129506/10/2014
 Indigo Crossing TownhomesMankato4 Bedroom142506/09/2014
 Jacob HeightsMankato4 Bedroom$434-$44408/19/2013
 Janesville ApartmentsJanesville1 Bedroom$485-50506/01/2014
 Janesville ApartmentsJanesville2 Bedroom$565-60504/01/2014
 KPC ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom750.0004/07/2014
 Lake Crystal TowersLake Crystal1 BedroomBased on income04/01/2014
 Lakeview I, II & III ApartmentsEagle Lake2 Bedroom$55007/01/2014
 Lakewood ApartmentsAlexandria2 Bedroom55004/01/2014
 Lincoln ApartmentsAlexandria2 Bedroom64004/01/2014
 Lincoln Park HouseMankato5 Bedroom$340/person plus utilities08/01/2014
 LorMar SuitesMankato1 Bedroom$65006/01/2014
 LorMar SuitesMankato2 Bedroom$77505/01/2014
 LorMar SuitesMankato2 Bedroom$77506/01/2014
 Lower North Single Family Home/HouseN. Mankato4 Bedroom$130008/01/2014
 Madison Lake ApartmentsMadison Lake1 Bedroom$385.00 + electric11/01/2013
 Main Street ApartmentMadison Lake2 Bedroom$650.00 + utilities11/01/2013
 McKay ApartmentsAlexandria2 Bedroom57504/01/2014
 McKay ApartmentsAlexandriaEfficiency37504/15/2014
 Northstar ApartmentsAlbert Lea2 Bedroom595 (starting at)04/01/2014
 Orchard Ridge TownhomesSt. Peter3 Bedroom125004/01/2014
 Orchard Ridge TownhomesSt. Peter3 Bedroom125004/01/2014
 Orchard Ridge TownhomesSt. Peter3 Bedroom125006/01/2014
 Orchard Ridge TownhomesSt. Peter3 Bedroom125007/01/2014
 Orchard Ridge TownhomesSt. Peter3 Bedroom125008/01/2014
 Park Row Crossing ApartmentsSt. Peter2 Bedroom69509/01/2014
 Park Row Crossing ApartmentsSt. Peter3 Bedroom79809/01/2014
 Peterson Concept PropertiesMankato3 Bedroom$110007/01/2015
 Pioneer PropertiesSt. Peter3 Bedroom$535-72205/01/2014
 Prairie Winds ApartmentsPipestone2 Bedroom47004/01/2014
 Prairieview ApartmentsIvanhoe1 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Prairieview ApartmentsIvanhoe2 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Regency ApartmentsMankato2 Bedroom78005/10/2014
 Ridgely Park ApartmentsKasota1 Bedroom - 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Ridgely Park ApartmentsKasota2 Bedroom - 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Rivers Edge ApartmentsCannon Falls1 Bedroom460 - $48004/01/2014
 Rock Creek TownhomesLuverne3 Bedroom57004/01/2014
 Roe Crest Estate ApartmentsNorth Mankato2 Bedroom77005/15/2014
 Rush Creek TownhomesRushford1 Bedroom30% of Income04/01/2014
 Rush Creek TownhomesRushford2 Bedroom30% of Income04/01/2014
 Schalow ApartmentsSt. Clair1 Bedroom$455-55705/01/2014
 Schalow ApartmentsSt. Clair2 Bedroom$481-58505/01/2014
 Southside ApartmentsLonsdale2 Bedroom510 - $530 or 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Spring Grove ManorSpring Grove1 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Stadium HeightsMankato3 Bedroom$315-325/person based on 3 peop08/17/2010
 Stadium Road TownhomesMankato3 Bedroom$105007/01/2015
 Stadium Road TownhomesMankato3 Bedroom$105007/01/2015
 Stone Creek TownhomesLuverne2 Bedroom30% of Income04/01/2014
 Stone Creek TownhomesLuverne3 Bedroom30% of Income04/01/2014
 Storybrook ApartmentsPipestone1 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Storybrook ApartmentsPipestone2 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Storybrook TownhomesPipestone2 Bedroom30% of income. No voucher needed04/01/2014
 Summit and Jacob HeightsMankato2 Bedroom59912/01/2013
 Sunrise Village ApartmentsNorth Mankato1 Bedroom510 -56005/01/2014
 Sunrise Village ApartmentsNorth Mankato2 Bedroom630 - 66005/01/2014
 Tarrymore ApartmentsAlbert Lea1 Bedroom395 (starting at)04/01/2014
 The CrossroadsDodge Center2 Bedroom - Section 8 - Please Call05/01/2014
 The SummitMankato4 Bedroom$47908/19/2013
 Trail Creek TownhomeMankato3 Bedroom145007/01/2014
 Trailside TownhomesAlbert Lea2 Bedroom490 or 30% of income04/01/2014
 TWIN RIVERS APTS.Mankato4 Bedroom$440/person includes utils, cabl08/01/2014
 TWIN RIVERS TOWNHOMESMANKATO4 Bedroom$375/$475 per person/bedroom08/01/2014
 TWIN RIVERS TOWNHOMESMANKATO5 Bedroom$375/$450 per person/bedroom08/01/2014
 Uptown ApartmentsSilver Lake2 Bedroom509-$615 or 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Valley View ApartmentsHutchinson2 Bedroom479-535 or 30% income, if avail04/01/2014
 VILLA TERRACE APTS.N. MANKATO2 Bedroom62506/01/2014
 Warren Street TownhomesMankato5 Bedroom$425/person based on 5 people08/01/2014
 Washington Square ApartmentsSt. Peter3 Bedroom$86506/01/2014
 Watonwan ManorLake Crystal2 Bedroom550-58501/01/2014
 Watonwan ManorLake Crystal2 Bedroom550-58501/01/2014
 Wazuweeta Woods ApartmentsPine Island3 Bedroom655 - $72004/15/2014
 Westbrook ApartmentsWestbrook1 Bedroom293-$360 or 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Westbrook ApartmentsWestbrook2 Bedroom325-$433 or 30% of Income04/01/2014
 Willow Trail TownhomesNorth Mankato3 Bedroom$1,200/mo + utilities03/01/2014
 Windom ApartmentsWindom3 Bedroom61304/01/2014
 Woodmere ApartmentsBuffalo1 Bedroom - 30% of income04/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 1Mankato2 Bedroom950.0005/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 1Mankato3 Bedroom120004/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 2Mankato1 Bedroom750.0007/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 2Mankato1 Bedroom750.0008/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 2Mankato2 Bedroom950.0007/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 2Mankato2 Bedroom950.0008/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 2Mankato3 Bedroom1,200.0008/01/2014
 Woodside Apartments - Phase 2Mankato3 Bedroom1,200.0007/01/2014
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